Keep Stanley Park Car Free, Quiet, Uncrowded, Clean and Safe

In spite of how popular a car free Stanley Park has been, there are rumours that Park Board may soon allow motor vehicles back in. In addition to making Stanley Park more polluted and noisy, it would be very difficult to avoid the Seawall and popular locations in the park becoming dangerously crowded.

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Cycling has dramatically increased in the park for people of all ages.

From Car ban sparks bike boom in Stanley Park, but what happens post-pandemic?

The single-day peak was Mother's Day, May 10, when 8,301 people rode through the park.

If that's the case, Bracken Kearns' family has cast multiple ballots. He and his three daughters, age three, five and seven, have cycled the nine-kilometre Stanley Park Drive loop three times since cars were banned. 

"Grey still had training wheels on at the start of the virus," says Kearns proudly.

According to three-year-old Grey, "everything" is great about riding in the park. 

Having a wide, two-lane road makes riding more enjoyable for everyone, says 72-year-old cyclist Trish Higgins.

"You can pass people and not get glared at," she laughs.

Ian Taylor, 82, agrees. 

"Bikes only, forever," he said.

Photo: Karin Larsen/CBC


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