No More Beg Buttons - Automated Signals to Help Protected People Walking, Rolling and Cycling. NOW!

Automated walking, rolling and cycling crossing signals could help reduce the spread of virus such as COVID-19. Forcing people to press "beg buttons" to cross streets seems like a bad idea especially in a pandemic. People often to cross streets getting commuting to essential jobs and accessing essential supplies and services.

Your provincial government and municipalities should automate crossing signals immediately to enable people to safety cross busy streets and highways. Your provincial government should also help municipalities by removing any regulatory and financial barriers. 

Email Your Mayor NOW!

Already, pedestrian crossing signals are being automated in New Westminster, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Los Angeles, Boston, Burbank, Auckland, Sidney, Perth and Adelaide due to concerns about them spreading the virus during the pandemic. 

A new study found that the COVID-19 can remain viable for up to 3 days on stainless steel and 2 days on plastic, both of which are likely used on many crossing buttons.

Many government agencies should be able to quickly make pedestrian crossings automated.

Some even indicate the button being pressed with index finger, which is likely the one that most people touch their face with most often. 


Automated crossing buttons would also help people in wheelchairs and using walkers  as buttons are often placed very inconveniently. And can be totally inaccessible in the snow. Crossing signals should have been automated years ago.

Until signals are automated, avoid touching buttons with your hands. Use your elbow or shoulder. Wash your hands. Take care.

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Let Your Mayor Know You Want Automated Walking, Cycling and Rolling Signals
Tell them you want them to act NOW to to ensure that COVID 19 is not spread by signal buttons.
Please automate walking, rolling and cycling crossing buttons. I am really concerned that they may help spread the COVID 19 and other viruses. Many people doing essential work and delivering essential supplies have to use crossing buttons.


A recent study indicated that the virus can survive up to 3 days on smooth services such as stainless steel and plastic.  In the weeks to come, as restrictions are decreased, more people will be walking, cycling and rolling for work, recreation and accessing essential services.


Measures such as automated crossing signals will help them do so without causing further spread of the virus. Already, in response to the pandemic, cities including New Westminster, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Los Angeles, Boston, Burbank, Auckland, Sidney, Perth and Adelaide are automating pedestrian crossing signals.


Please act now to help protect people's health!

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